The "tablet" solution removes the barrier.
Visicol® tablets now make colonoscopy prep easy for the patient, with no bad tasting liquids. The tablets can be taken with any clear liquid of the patients choosing. Doctors are also pleased with Visicol's excellent colon cleansing and patient compliance. To find more information about VISICOL® , visit our web site at www.visicol.com.

Therapeutic – A convenient alternative for the management of IBS symptoms in active female adults.
Diagnostic – Rapid adjunctive therapy for the suppression of duodenal motility during ERCP.

IB-Stat® is the answer to acute bowel spasm, cramping and pain associated with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). InKine's convenient oral spray formulation of a recognized widely used drug (hyoscyamine sulfate) provides fast symptomatic relief because of rapid drug absorption.